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R&A could approve women members

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 16.57.04Women could be allowed to join St Andrews after being excluded from the golf club for roughly 260 years.

Management have sent letters to 2,400 members urging them to support a proposal to finally put women on a par with men.

The vote will be taking place in September, when a two-thirds majority will be required for approval.

The Royal & Ancient (R&A) Golf Club of St Andrews, which was founded in 1754, has always barred woman from becoming members.

Now the current bosses are said to be “highly in favour” of amending the rules in order to welcome female members.

A spokesman from the R&A ┬ásaid: “Members of The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews will vote on a motion to admit women as members.

“The club’s committees are strongly in favour of the rule change and are asking members to support it. The vote is scheduled to take place in September of this year.”

R&A chief executive Peter Dawson said last July the issue was “divisive” but sponsors have lobbied for it to be addressed.

“We very much hope once the vote is taken we will be welcoming women to the club,” Mr Dawson said on Tuesday.

“It’s something that has been expected; I’m not going to say overdue but I’m sure I’ll be asked that question.

“Early indications from the members are very positive indeed. We have been talking about this for quite a while and it’s our governance role which has been the driving factor.

“Society is changing, sport is changing, golf is changing and I think it’s appropriate for a governing body to take this step.”

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