• St Andrews is one of the country's sunniest and driest places!
© Rebecca Laughlin

It’s a question often asked by prospective visitors to St Andrews – “What will the weather be like?” Well, if we could answer that question accurately every time, we’d be millionaires!

Compared with the rest of Scotland, the weather is good – you might be surprised to learn that on average, St Andrews enjoys more annual hours of sunshine than London and lower annual rainfall than Paris – but from day to day (and sometimes even from hour to hour!) conditions can vary considerably.

In Spring, changeable weather is to be expected, with lots of sunny intervals and light rain showers. Summer days – with up to 19 hours of daylight – can be glorious, though sea breezes can sometimes make it feel a little cooler than it looks. Autumn often sees long, settled and sunny stretches of weather, making this a favourite time to visit for many. In winter, snow and frost are infrequent (due to the town’s coastal setting) but it can feel bitterly cold if an easterly wind is blowing.

Our advice is to travel prepared for most weathers, and, when here, to wear light layers of clothing, which can be easily taken on or off throughout the day.

The latest official Five-Day forecast from the Met Office is below, or for more detail about the best time of year to visit, read this article.

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