Local Services

Here’s an alphabetical index of some other local services you might need whilst visiting St Andrews. Scroll down to see the full list of topics – and if there’s anything or anybody else you think we should include here, please let us know!

Banks – there are branches of the following banks in St Andrews. All provide external ATMs for 24-hour cash dispensing as well as the full range of banking services. ATMs are also located at Tesco Supermarket in Market Street, Morrison’s Supermarket on Largo Road, and elsewhere.


Estate Agents there are a number of estate agents (real estate brokers) in central St Andrews:

Police – St Andrews is a very safe place to visit. Crime against visitors is extremely rare, but – as with anywhere – you should always take care to secure your property, keeping it out of sight whenever possible. St Andrews Police Station is at 68 Pipeland Road KY16 8JW (south of the town centre) and can help with all enquiries, including lost property. Tel 0845 6005702 (ask for the St Andrews office). In an emergency, dial 999.

– there are several schools in St Andrews:

Travel AgentsD P and L Travel in Logies Lane in central St Andrews provides foreign exchange facilities and Western Union, rail tickets and reservations, worldwide air tickets, car hire and travel insurance.