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@foxandbhut: rain, sand and handsome buildings; young people, books and market street cobbles! coffee and cakes and philosophy lectures!

In celebration of the annual StAnza Poetry Festival which took place in St Andrews last week, we asked our Facebook and Twitter fans to send us their odes to St Andrews. Rhymes, haiku, word pictures and a full-blown poem came our way, and they just happened to be very comprehensive.

So, why do we (and so many others) love St Andrews? If we counted all the ways we’d definitely run over our word limit, so we’ve narrowed it down to three.


The Bonnie Bonnie Sands of St Andrews Bay

As the sun shone over this glorious land,
I walked by the brine on the bonnie bonnie sand.
‘Twas the breeze that whispered…
‘‘Stand by here and gaze’’,
I was caught and captured by the wash of the wave.
I stood there in reverence transfixed for a while,
I was caught and captured as in a pretty girls smile.
When finding a love your heart will call,
If you stand and admire you will finally fall.
‘Twas the breeze that whispered…
‘‘Stand by here and gaze’’,
I was caught and captured by the wash of the wave.
Caught in the glory of this part of land,
Captured by the brine
And the bonnie bonnie sand.

Robbie Kennedy Bennett

@whiteley: Haiku: A seaside splendor, Leading uni Scotland’s best, Son meets fiancee.

The story of Prince William and Catherine Middleton might be the most famous St Andrews romance at the moment, but it is by no means the only one. With its wind-swept beaches, beautiful buildings and medieval cobblestoned streets, St Andrews has moved many a heart. It is also the number one match-making university in the UK, with 1 in 10 alumni marrying a fellow ex-student. We won’t go on any more about this here; we’ve already written a blog post featuring couples who found love in St Andrews.

St Andrews is also a wonderfully romantic place to unwind if you are already in love. Five-star hotels, 3 AA rosette restaurants, spas, theatre, art galleries, and gift shops make St Andrews a brilliant place for a quiet weekend getaway.


@jimmycouplet: When I think about St Andrews I always feel chipper because I stayed in St Andrews when I was a nipper. ;-)

@ostawitchestour: Beach-combing, far-roaming, welcome homing, whisky-tasting, “where’s your hasting?” St Andrews

St Andrews attracts crowds of families during the school holidays, who love the town for how sunny, safe and small it is. With fish and chips, ice cream and sweet shops galore, summer sandcastle competitions and lovely child-friendly museum exhibits, St Andrews is one of those places that creates glowing, nostalgic memories for both parents and children. With great self-catering and camping options nearby, there’s a family holiday for every budget.

Golf Heaven

I’ve been to St Andrews Links:

Old Tom Morris, of Golf was King,
With hand made ball and graceful swing,
St Andrews Links, his favourite place,
A testament to his skill, still haunted by his face.

Of course we would be remiss if we didn’t list golf as a reason to love St Andrews. Golfing fathers create a special fund, dreaming of taking their children on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the home of golf. Business partners, stag weekends, and even celebrities book months in advance to secure a round on the Old Course. Professionals who compete in the British Open Championship speak in hushed tones about how special it is to play on this hallowed ground. Tiger Woods puts it succinctly: “To win in St Andrews is the ultimate”. Even those who are unlucky in the Old Course ballot can still connect with the history of the game by walking the course on a Sunday, and by visiting the adjacent British Golf Museum.

Thank you to everyone who submitted an ode to St Andrews!

So there you have it: our top three reasons to love St Andrews, no matter who you are. Why do you love St Andrews?