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A visit to the famous Jannetta’s Gelateria

©Paul Tomkins/VisitScotland/Scottish Viewpoint

©Paul Tomkins/VisitScotland/Scottish Viewpoint

In November I went up to St Andrews for 4 days to visit my brother, Christopher, who is studying there, and I fell in love with the place even more than I already had from a previous visit! We ate out for every meal (it’s got to be done!) and I was so impressed with all the restaurants I tried – it’s brilliant that such a small town can have so many quirky and unique places to eat.

Despite the sub zero temperatures during my trip, one place we visited was Jannettas ice cream parlour. Slightly odd to eat ice cream when you’re already freezing cold, you might think, but during the summer holidays when I was at my grandparents’ house, my granny showed me a Times article about the 10 coolest ice cream parlours in Britain. The number one place was not, as you might expect, London based, but Jannettas in St Andrews! It was therefore an absolute must try, no matter what the weather might be doing.

It’s a family run ice cream parlour with a friendly atmosphere – lots of newspaper cuttings, postcards and pictures on the walls.

Christopher had been before on a “hot” (for St Andrews!) summer day, and apparently the queue went right out of the door! Even though there wasn’t a queue on the cold November day we were there, there was still a huge range of ice cream flavours.

Emma with her Jannetta's ice cream

Emma with her Jannetta’s ice cream

I really liked the way they had seasonal flavours like Mince Pie and and Christmas Pudding, and traditional Scottish flavours like Cranachan and Scottish Tablet. I decided to go for one scoop of Scottish Tablet as I had read great things about it online, and one scoop of Nutella, as I can never ever resist Nutella!

I went for a tub as I’m not the biggest fan of cones, but if you are, look at the cool sprinkle covered ones you can get! Firstly, I loved the “B Janetta” emblazoned wafer – light yet buttery and perfect for scooping up the ice cream. Secondly…the ice cream. It was, without a doubt, the best ice cream I have ever had (it even beats Heston’s salted caramel popcorn ice cream!). So often ice cream doesn’t taste very strongly of whatever flavour it professes to be, but both of these scoops packed a punch in the flavour department. The Nutella was just what you’d expect – nutty, chocolatey and deliciously rich, but the biggest triumph for me was the Scottish tablet. As Christopher said when he tried it, you could even somehow taste the texture of the tablet, even in the creamy ice cream – that sweet sugary grittiness (for want of a better word) that characterises it!



Christopher had one scoop of White Chocolate Vanilla Pod, and one scoop of Oreo (a close third choice for me) both of which were also intensely flavoured and moreish

At £2.90 for 2 generous scoops and a wafer it was very reasonably priced, too!

An indulgent snack for any time of year, even in hat and scarf weather! Check out their website here

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