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India’s day out in St Andrews

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Last week my friend Carolyn, aka Caz, came to visit me in St Andrews for the day as we hadn’t seen each other in a while and decided a catch up was long overdue!

We started our day at Mitchell’s Deli for some brekkie bright and early at 9 am!!!

I enjoyed some delicious Portobello mushrooms grilled with just olive oil of course, and a steaming pot of green tea.

Caz enjoyed a hearty bowl of Scottish porridge with lots of delicious honey, and because it is Caz and I we enjoyed a mimosa come precisely at 10 am!

(Scottish Licensing Laws, means you can’t enjoy a tipple before 10 am, which seems to me to work against the Scottish Character!)

Well, we may have enjoyed two mimosas … But we were about to head off on a lovely walk before we enjoyed lunch, so it was clearly vital that we were energised with bubbles.


We stopped in quite by chance at MUSA, a lovely little museum on the Scores. It also has the most stunning view upstairs on their terrace, which we were about to discover.

It is the: Museum of the University of St Andrews, and displays just some of the 112,000 artefacts from the University’s collection.


MUSA is very well put together especially being that is is a free museum which anyone can wander into.

I was surprisingly impressed by it and the sheer scope of things they have been able to display without it being overwhelming. For once I was interested all the way through my visit.

I hadn’t realised just quite how much history surrounds the university as well as the town itself, and I can now understand why my father is so proud of me studying here.


Did you know Chris Hoy, six-time Olympian Champion came here, to St Andrews to study?

I had NO idea!!! I was impressed (maybe I shouldn’t be saying ‘impressed’) by how much I didn’t know about the history of my uni which I was happy to discover in my final semester here.


I especially loved seeing all the different graduation robes and colours and what they represented.

After strolling around the ground floor we wandered upstairs to what they called the “Viewing Terrace”:



Just look at that view! We were gob-smacked.

What an amazing hidden gem we found.

We couldn’t stop staring out at the utterly beautiful, picture perfect backdrop.


Who can blame us? It was as if we had been transported to a completely different world and climate.

It seemed almost unbelievable; the blueness of the sky and the sea, and the sun actually warming our faces. I swear I could feel a couple more freckles returning to my skin welcoming back the thought of Summer.


We managed to eventually tear ourselves away and venture down to the harbour, beside East Sands.


The sun was still shining behind the clouds and for once there wasn’t a sharp wind to be felt, meaning our walk down the pier would be free from a battle with nature, leaving us to enjoy the views.


The castle looked very Famous Five-esque and I had never seen it before from this angle.

It also brought back many memories of my childhood with my mother reading me the stories as we drove up to my grandparents in Montrose to enjoy Scotland during my Summer holidays with lots of picnics and beach adventuring!

It was actually quite a lengthy walk along the pier and it always seems much longer than I first envision.

Quite tiring there and back!


The view is worth it though.

Caz joking got me excited saying that she saw a seal! I have once seen dolphins jumping at sunrise out by East Sands which was unforgettable and utterly magical, almost to the point it seemed unreal.

It also makes for some great photography whilst building up an appetite for a spot of lunch!

The first part of our day was utterly relaxing and I had seen part of St Andrews which I never realised existed. I felt like I was on a day out myself which is something I never thought could happen in St Andrews after being here for four years, did you?

It just showed me again that life is like a treasure chest just waiting to be opened and enjoyed.

It was now time to go and get a bite to eat!

It *was* quite a long pier after all, and it had been at least 3 hours since we enjoyed our delicious brekkie at Mitchells!


Caz is a lover of cocktails and good steak, so I felt the Adamson would be just the spot for two girls who “love to lunch”!


The Adamson is a very well designed place which is comforting and smart, almost making you feel like you are back in a city. I also like looking at all the different textures with the brick walls, glossy glass and soft leather chairs.

Caz began with a steaming pot of very juicy and plump looking mussels.

I was happy enough to just enjoy the smells which were tantalisingly wafting their way over to my direction.

I was saving myself for my main event which was going to be Lemon Sole (grilled), and some fresh broccoli!


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Being a pescatarian I can’t quite ‘appreciate’ the look of a steak, but I could tell as she took her first bite it was superb!

My Lemon Sole was excellent and perfectly cooked.

Although very simple to do, I often find vegetables are overcooked to my liking in restaurants but let me assure you the broccoli was perfect! It went very well with my Lemon Sole.

I was very much in foodie heaven.

It is actually a joy to go out and eat well, something which I am now much more aware of with my allergies, and we were certainly eating comfortably.

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After all the ‘grown-up’ dining was out of the way, is was time to enjoy a cocktail …

Whilst she enjoyed a delicious looking pudding, the name of it, is now a bit … vague, I had a pot of green tea and we, er, ordered another cocktail …

Turning out to be a very merry lunch.

A lunch that lasts for about 4 hours is always a sign that it is going well.

It was a very enjoyable day out, especially taking a break from uni life in St Andrews and have my eye re-opened to St Andrews, sans students.


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