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Hidden St Andrews

Think you know St Andrews? Think again! A new book, by best-selling local author Susan McMullan (Susan wrote “Hamish McHamish: Cool Cat about Town” about the life of our famous local cat), uncovers the secrets of St Andrews, revealing the hidden treasures of one of Scotland’s oldest towns.

‘Hidden St Andrews’ encourages people to open their eyes to the history that’s on their doorstep and under their feet. It aims to inspire people to explore St Andrews by getting to know its traditions and by discovering the secrets that lurk in the old cobbled streets.

Hidden St Andrews Final

For example, did you know that St Andrews is home to the largest Apricot tree in Britain and to the UK’s largest working optical telescope? Or that St Andrews played a leading role in the development of early photography and that as a result the University library has one of the most extensive photographic collections in Scotland? Have you heard the 8pm curfew bell chime 100 times every evening and do you know the story behind it? Have you visited Carnegie’s Wardrobe down by the R&A – a tiny metal cupboard in the Lyon Playfair memorial fountain that belonged to local caddie Carnegie Grant? Have you spotted the markings on Market Street and do you know about the Blue Stane?

Read the review of ‘Hidden St Andrews’ below by Scottish Tourist Guides Association Blue Badge guide, Shonagh Toulouse and another here by Undiscovered Scotland.

“A fabulous book, small in size, but brim full of interesting facts and stories about St Andrews, giving a comprehensive and quirky guide to the town.

It is wonderfully clear, with real photographs of all the places and people featured, drawing a real-life portrait of the St Andrews of the past, and the modern St Andrews of today. Easy-to-interpret maps are included to find your way around all the “must see” locations. This is truly a one-stop St Andrews information book!

Everything you ever needed or wanted to know about St Andrews is here, giving a wide range of information about the town and it’s heritage. Concise explanations of all the places and people of interest, makes the information easy to retain.

The book reveals, amazingly little-known facts about St Andrews, in particular the location of one of the statues of St Andrew himself. St Andrew gave the town its name and is behind the reason St Andrews became such an important ecclesiastical pilgrimage destination.

There is something for everyone, from medieval history buffs to modern day shoppers. This book has widespread appeal, containing accurate, well-researched information.

As a Scottish Tourist Guides Association Blue Badge guide I discovered loads of things I didn’t know about this iconic place; for example, The Assassinated Archbishop, The Lade Braes Walk, and the Jurassic Park, to name but a few.

Hidden St Andrews is a brilliant companion guide for armchair and real-time explorers alike. Use it as a pre-visit guide book, or a memento of a recent stay. If you missed the chance to experience St Andrews on a visit to Scotland, this is the next best thing!”


You can buy both of Susans books at local book stores in and around St Andrews in addition to online retailers.