Hamish McHamish

Hamish McHamish was our famous town cat here in St Andrews.

A beautiful ginger feline, he rose to fame following the publication of his book entitled Hamish McHamish of St Andrews: Cool Cat About Townwritten by Susan McMullan.


Hamish was born in 1999 and  owned by Marianne Baird, a retired BBC producer who lives in St Andrews. As a kitten, Hamish resided at Ms Baird’s home, although during this time he became increasingly nomadic, often spending several days away from home, being fed at various homes throughout St Andrews. He traditionally spent most of his time in and around the houses and businesses on South Street in the town centre, which is fairly close to his original home.

1975078_10152021067423321_4052562060399065617_nHamish posed for thousands of photographs every year, delighting visitors and local people alike, and was particularly good-natured with children.

Hamish sadly passed away on 11 September 2014, at the ripe old age of 15. A few months earlier, however, he had been immortalised in Bronze, with the local community raising over £5000 to erect a statue in his honour. You can visit the statue in Church Square, and see for yourself how the memory of the St Andrews town cat will now be preserved for generations.

Visit the Hamish McHamish official Facebook page here.