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Electric Car Club launches in St Andrews

Scotland’s first-ever electric car club launches in St Andrews on Tuesday 14 April!

Thanks to the support of the University of St. Andrews and Transport Scotland, St. Andrews now has a fleet of 10 vehicles (8x Renault ZOE hatchbacks and 2x Renault Kangoo vans) which businesses, residents and visitors can hire for as little as an hour – or for several days – from three locations; Agnes Blackadder Halls, The Gateway at North Haugh, and David Russell Apartments. The objective of the scheme is to improve local mobility whilst reducing parking and congestion issues, delivered in an environmentally-friendly way.

The 14th April launch, to be held at Church Square (outside Pizza Express) from 2.oopm, will include some fun activities and speakers from the University and Renault UK. There will also be some fantastic membership offers available on the day from the scheme’s operators, E-Car Club – who have launched similar schemes in London and other areas with great success.

How does it work?

E-Car Club is a membership organisation with a one-off joining fee of £50. Once approved, you’ll be sent a membership card and pin number and at that point you’re ready to book the vehicles; either online or by phone. Once the vehicle is booked, you swipe your membership card on the windscreen-mounted reader which unlocks the vehicle,  enter your pin number into the on-board computer and the keys will be released; you’re then able to drive away.

How much does it cost?

Renault ZOE (pictured above): just £4.50 per hour or £35 per day (24 hours), including power and insurance.

Renault Kangoo: just £6.50 per hour or £50 per day, again, all-inclusive.

Contracted business rates can also be discussed, further reducing these costs.

How far will they go?

It depends a lot on driving style, but generally around 65-90 miles on a single charge. There are rapid charging points in Edinburgh for those wishing to travel further!

Visit or contact for more information.