Eden Mill Distillery & Brewery

3imageTour our craft distillery and brewery and you´ll see us doing what we enjoy: crafting the best beer, gins and whisky we can for people to enjoy. You´ll get a detailed history of the site. You´ll discover our brewing techniques. You´ll learn about our key ingredients. You´ll see why we opt for different malting and maturation processes. By the end of your tour, you´ll have had an inside track of why and how we do what we do. And you´ll see parts of the brewery not normally available to the public.

A tour at Eden Mill wouldn’t be complete without a tasting session. Once you´ve had your tour of the brewery, we´ll take your tastebuds on a tour too. You’ll sample our craft range along with what we consider to be unique brews in our Aristeuein range, as well as the very latest creations in our Oak Wood series.

Our new VIP tour and tutor tasting of the brewery and distillery will allow you to sample some of the best beers, gins and whiskys available in Scotland. Brewery tour and tasting £7.50 per person, VIP distillery tour and tasting £20 per person. Please call us to check availability on 01334-834038.

Eden.Mill LogoTours (including tasting) take around an hour.

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Eden Mill Brewery & Distillery|  Guardbridge  | St Andrews | Call: 01334 834038