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Capturing the Peace



At the start of this semester, back in October I took myself off one afternoon with my camera along East Sands for a walk.

I decided after a couple of late nights it was time to reconvene with nature and ground myself. There’s only so much tippling away on fizz I can do, and then I begin to feel a little disjointed, and out of kilter.


It was the perfect autumnal afternoon, and was actually quite hot at points.

I took a photo of these arches as I felt they looked quietly majestic in the afternoon sun. This was at the start of my two and a half foray into nature … I was full of energy at this point and when I eventually returned to my room I was shattered but full of lovely fresh air.


We have a very quaint little harbour in St Andrews, and it was only recently, well actually that day, that I discovered you can buy fresh fish and chips at the harbour’s cafe.

Definitely when it’s warmer again, ie next April, I’ll go and eat some sitting on the bench with some prosecco overlooking the sun setting on East Sands beach. Yum.


You can even order lobster from the little fish and chips shop which comes fresh, straight off the boat!!!


This beautiful swan reminded me of my favourite ballet, Swan Lake.

Isn’t she (or he) stunning? Beautifully powerful and tranquil to gaze at.


Spot the birdie!


As I walked along East Sands and up the path, you suddenly round a corner and discover this beautiful view looking over East Sands to St Andrews.


St Andrews cathedral stands out the most, and I always find it  a joy to see the mountains in the background.

It reminds me that there is a world which exists outside the bubble!


My knowledge of poisonous berries isn’t vast, so as tempting as these looked, I decided to just take a photo and pass on by.


I love the colours of autumn!

They are deliciously vibrant and rich in colour. They are even more special as we know winter is just around the corner which strips the trees of these beautiful leaves.


My nails even matched ….

Not that I’m materialistic or anything!


Walking along the path, a butterfly crossed my way.

I felt very fortunate to get so close to a butterfly and I obviously took a photo, whilst making a wish at the same time.


And only moments later, on the fencing I saw another beautiful butterfly, and so a second wish was made!

A girl can never have enough wishes.


I wasn’t entirely sure where I was going the whole time, but I happily kept on walking along the path breathing in the last of the summer sunshine and snapping happily away on my camera.

I came across this path and it looked utterly enchanting in the  afternoon sunshine, and as I walked up it I came across this wonderful, deserted beach.


I spent a very special and peaceful 20 minutes just sitting on the rocks watching the sea and thinking.


Sometimes there is nothing like a walk along the beach, and in nature to make you reconnect with yourself and make you realise that everything is actually ok.

I certainly returned feeling happy and peaceful, two things fizz can’t even always make you truly feel.


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