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Meet Hazel Cameron

Hazel is a 40-something mum to a feisty toddler and part-time promotions manager for a Scottish newspaper. She has a long-standing obsession with food in general and an untreated addiction to all things sweet. Hazel grew up near St Andrews and although now located in Dunfermline visits St Andrews every few weeks to discover new culinary gems and revisit old favourites. You can read Hazel’s own blog at www.thegrumblingtummy.org

The Adamson . . . and Springsteen!

By: | 04.04.14

Join our Foodie Blogger Hazel as she enjoys a visit to The Adamson here in St Andrews. So we finally made it along to The Adamson in St Andrews… As…

Hazel’s trip to Fabulous Forgans

By: | 23.12.13

It has been months since Forgans in St Andrews threw open its doors and I would have bet money that I would be in the first batch of eager diners…

Lunch at Rufflets Country House Hotel

By: | 04.06.13

Rufflets Country House Hotel was the  venue for our very first romantic lunch after little Grumbling Tummy burst into our lives.  We had a wonderful time then, helped along by a…

That’s Amore! Little Italy in St Andrews

By: | 09.04.13

For quite some time my parents have been raving about an Italian restaurant in St Andrews called Little Italy.  It’s the place they choose time and time again to impress…

Child Friendly Dining in St Andrews

By: | 16.03.13

Eating out before children was a simple affair.  You chose your restaurant, rocked up and enjoyed fabulous food, oodles of wine and hopefully sparkling company – everybody was happy.  I…

Where to eat when love is in the air

By: | 11.02.13

Valentines Day is almost upon us!  That special day in the year when men (and women) are expected to flex their romantic muscles and impress the special person in their…