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Afternoon Tea at the Old Course Hotel

Last weekend I was lucky enough to be treated to a very special experience- Afternoon Tea at the Old Course Hotel.  One of my best friends Sophie was turning 21 and took a lovely group of girls to the Old Course for a treat!

The Old Course has a premium location in St Andrews, not only an amazing hotel but in the prime location of the home of golf.  I don’t have a photo to do it justice but here is one from The Old Course’s website:

Old Course Hotel Afternoon Tea

Once you arrive you are seated in an amazing conservatory overlooking the Golf Course and the beach and given the choice between the Classic Afternoon Tea or the Champagne option.  Since it was a celebration we went for champagne!

Next we had to choose our drink from a list of different teas and coffees, don’t worry about the difficult choice it’s unlimited hot drinks so you can fill yourself with as many different teas as possible.  I’m not a big tea drinker so I went for the delicious chai tea.

Then the main event came out – the cake stand!  Doesn’t it look great?

Old Course Hotel Afternoon Tea

In case you have never had afternoon tea before you start at the bottom and then work up.  So for us that was sandwiches!  And good sandwiches they were, nice and soft bread with the crusts cut off.  We got cucumber and cream cheese, ham and chutney, egg mayonnaise and my favourite – smoked salmon!

Then we moved up to the middle layer, which was scrummy!  You got a fruit and a plain scone as well as a pancake.  And to put on top – buckets of clotted cream and jam!

Old Course Afternoon Tea

Now for the main event- the cakes! My favourite was a tiramisu style slice, with crunchy hazel nuts on the top. Then I had the pear and almond macaroon, which was delicious!  I loved the tangy passion fruit tart with a crunchy passion fruit brittle on top.  Absolutely brilliant!  And a bit of a more savoury finish – green tea cake.  Which was really nice, although doesn’t look the most appealing!

Old Course Hotel Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea at the old course was amazing!  It was a thoroughly enjoyable day out and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a special day out in St Andrews.  If you are interested you can find out more information here.  The Classic Afternoon Tea is £20 and the champagne option is £32.

DSCF2256Oh and I forgot to mention – there is a harpist to serenade you throughout your tea!

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