The St Andrews Motif

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Many people have already been admiring, and asking about, the “St Andrews” motif, as seen throughout this site and which is being introduced gradually throughout the town on information boards, leaflets and other media.

Although it’s a completely new design (created late 2012), the motif has been inspired by the strongest components of St Andrews – its proud people, its beautiful environment and its long history.

Each of the three coloured icons represents one of these elements, and we’ve titled them LIVE, LOVE and LEARN.

jpg 5 Blue reminds us of the two most dominant natural forces in the St Andrews landscape, the sky and the sea – but  “Live St Andrews” also sums up the spirited manner in which people enjoy being here. Life is for living!


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Red symbolises the huge passion which people – both locals and visitors – feel for St Andrews, with the heart-shaped emblem being inspired in part by wrought-iron gateways in the town centre. Share the love!


jpg 4 The green “tree of knowledge” represents the importance of learning to St Andrews – most obviously via its famed University – but also reminds us how this place inspires people from all walks of life to develop their talents.


The classical-style, seriffed typeface used in the design is a reference to the graciousness and elegance of the late Georgian/early Victorian period, when St Andrews was entering a golden age of enlightenment, prosperity and influence.

Using the Brand Identity

We encourage local businesses, organisations and others to make use of the new identity in their own publications, promotions and online. There is no charge or license required for doing this. However, as with any brand, it’s important that it is used consistently and correctly at all times. We are happy to supply design guidance, along with high-resolution versions (eps and jpeg) of the various logos. Please note that use of the designs on physical items (such as clothing or souvenirs) is subject to prior licensing agreement being reached – please contact us for further details.


Please note – St Andrews Partnership is the copyright holder for these designs and – at its sole discretion – retains the right to withdraw usage rights from those whom it believes may be misusing them.