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A Breath of Fresh Air


I woke up this afternoon feeling a extremely delicate, delicate being a huge understatement and after forcing myself to move and get showered I decided a beach walk would be the perfect thing to do to help blow away the cobwebs. Also, today has been another stunning sunny day, spring has definitely sprung!


I saw this very artfully done sandcastle which I just had to take a photo of, especially with the tide coming in it seemed very poetic. Also made me feel a bit better as I saw something much more worse off than me!



The sun was shining magnificently making the beach look particular stunning.


I came across some rope nearly coiled up. There is something about seeing rope on the beach which always seems particularly fitting and artistic.


All the footsteps in the sand glinting with the sun also seemed very artistic to me. There’s something quite romantic about all these mysterious footsteps whose identity is unknown.


The beach, West Sands, wasn’t overly busy which made it much more serene and peaceful allowing me to happily snap away on my iPhone. All these photos are taken with the camera on my iPhone which actually is surprisingly good. I also found the panoramic option which I had great fun playing with…


The fresh air was definitely helping me feel alive again and I regained some colour in my cheeks thankfully.


I decided to walk on the road coming back into town rather the beach as it was cooling down distinctly and I didn’t want to be walking against the wind. Plus, I love walking up from the beach and emerging through the sand dunes onto the road.


It all looked very pretty and golden


All the colours seemed to become alive and show their real glory.


I was happily snuggled up in my rabbit fur trim gilet and my tourie bonnet knitted hat, which is actually surprisingly from Superdry. It’s called a Whistler Pink Bobble Hat, and you can get it HERE My coat is nice and warm and winder proof from Pinko and I love the big collar on it at the top, helping to keep the cold Scottish winds out!


See what I mean by the glorious evening light? I love dusk time, it always becomes so much more peaceful and time just seems to slow down as it prepares to enter into the night.


Just another view of my bobble hat! I think it has a vintage, 1950s ski attire feel to it and I love the bright colours too. Perfect when I can’t be bothered to do my hair properly and I can just put it on.


Time was definitely moving on and the sun was now beginning to set quite quickly.


Turning it from day into night!


The seagulls were now even starting to fly home for the night, as I too walked back toward home.


I couldn’t help but stand and gaze at the sun setting and the waves crashing down on the sand and realising how lucky I am to be able to just ‘pop out’ to the beach for a refreshing walk in the sunshine. Almost coming to the end of my time here at St Andrews its making me appreciate everything that bit more, even on the days when I’m feeling my most delicate!


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