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St Andrew’s Day Procession, Fire Show & Fireworks

Photo by Spencer Bentley

Photo by Spencer Bentley

Following the Street Ceilidh head down to the Harbour in a magical lantern-lit procession led by the City of St Andrews Pipe Band.

Why not join one of our three lantern making workshops earlier in the day to carry your own custom lantern.

There will also be lanterns available to buy on the day – watch this space for more information.

The procession will begin at 7 p.m. at the Westport End of South Street, then will go to the top of South Street and then follow The Pends down to the harbour. If you are joining in the street Ceilidh then you will already be in place ready to begin. If not then please arrive between 6.30 p.m. and 6.45 p.m. to be ready to march for our Patron Saint!

At the Harbour there will then be a fifteen-minute fire theatrical re-enactment depicting the Fable of Regulus bringing the bones of Saint Andrew to the edge of the world and becoming shipwrecked off the coast of the town that would later become the town of St Andrews that we all know and love.

The celebrations will end with a spectacular fireworks display from the Harbour.