Maps & Apps

St Andrews is a small town – but it’s so full of interesting places that a good map will definitely enhance your visit.

Use our maps and apps to plan your trip in advance – or better still, use them whilst you’re in St Andrews to help you find your way around and get the most from your stay here.

Downloadable map

Our downloadable map (shown below) highlights all the main features of interest in and around the town centre, together with useful facilities such as car parks and public toilets.

If you need more detail, Google Maps provide a detailed street map together with Street View and aerial views.

Walking Tour Booklet

Dr Ishbel Duncan has created  a detailed 60-page walking tour booklet  for St Andrews, covering points of interest on The Scores, North Street, Market Street, the Harbour and Lade Braes Walk.

This guide, last updated in 2013, is also a fascinating read for those interested in the historic aspects of St Andrews (it is also available in i-pad and Kindle versions from Amazon).

    © Image, Gerry Priest