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Old Course to East Sands

By: | 13.12.12

Ali Bacon’s new novel A Kettle of Fish is set in Dunfermline, Edinburgh and St. Andrews.  Here she retraces some of the paths she took as a student in the…


Beyond the Old Course!

By: | 05.12.12

Graylyn Loomis is a young man from the USA currently studying at the University of St Andrews. Graylyn has a real passion for all things golf! In his blog, he…

Three Streets, Three Days

By: | 12.11.12

Fife is a foodie’s paradise.  When friends and relatives from home ask what it’s like to live in such a small town, I say that St Andrews is one of…

Hamish McHamish: Cover Star

Hamish McHamish: Cool Cat about Town

By: | 27.10.12

(This article, written by Susan McMullan, was published in October 2012. Sadly, Hamish McHamish passed away on 11 September 2014) They say Hamish belongs to St Andrews – but really we all…

Walking the Course – a day on foot in St Andrews

By: | 12.10.12

Michael Hartigan is a freelance travel writer from Boston, Massachusetts, USA. From San Francisco to Scotland, he has explored and written about unique people, places and traditions around the world.…

The Cogs that make the Clock Tick

By: | 30.09.12

Jaclyn Stuart is an Artist living just outside of St Andrews. Originally from Arbroath in Angus, she studied at Grays School of Art in Aberdeen, graduating with a BA Honours…

The Lion of St Andrews

By: | 19.09.12

Jennifer T. Doherty is the author of several children’s books set in the Scottish Borders and North Berwick. “The Lion of St Andrews”, was launched at J & G Innes…

Day Trip to St Andrews

By: | 17.07.12

Kat Carlson is a graphic designer, blogger and writer who loves getting crafty. She is the founder and sole contributor of Withywindle, a blog started in 2010, and enjoys writing…

Five of St Andrews’ Hidden Gems

By: | 08.07.12

Former student Craig Cockburn tells us about his St Andrews. I’ve lived in St Andrews for the last 4 years as a student and in this time I have learnt…